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Keely is a professional makeup artist with over 13 years of experience in the Entertainment Industry.  Having begun her career in costume design and wardrobe styling, she learned to hone her attention to detail and use of complimentary colors. She assisted the biggest styling teams for Janet Jackson, Pink, and Katy Perry until deciding to change her career to Makeup. An LA native, she works doing Editorial, Red Carpet & Advertising. In the past she has assisted makeup artists Brigitte Reiss-Andersen, Sabrina Bedrani and Debra Ferullo for agencies such as The Wall Group, Artists & Co. & Tracey Mattingly. Her eye for detail guarantees every lip will be glossed and every skin tone matched beautifully. She is known for bringing her clients a youthful and luminous glow but is equally skilled in bruising, battering and bloodying her characters. She is comfortable working with all types of men, women & children. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her Cinematographer husband and their Boston Terrier. In her downtime she loves to travel and draw inspiration from multiple cultural influences.